I never thought I’d get Married.

I never dreamed about my wedding day, never imagined myself in a white dress, or fantasized over the flowers I would have in my bouquet. But God has a funny way of taking your plans, turning them completely upside down and showing you how much more beautiful they look that way.

Josh and I met at film school where we would write and shoot comedies together. We realized that out of all the people we made laugh, we enjoyed making each other laugh most of all and two years later he asked me to marry him. Besides being the most amazing life partner I ever could have asked for, the best father to our son, he is also the best business partner, helping me to capture love stories in a way that makes the movies jealous.

Thanks to my own journey that led me down the aisle, I now have the privilege of capturing the joy of a wedding day for so many couples. I never fail to be inspired by their stories and I can’t wait to tell yours!