Jenna & Scott's Desert Canyon Session


I used to wish that I could live in an RV and travel the world. But you might be thinking, "You can't go too far in only an RV". Well that's why this wouldn't be just any RV. It would be the recreational vehicle to rule all recreational vehicles. It would transform into a submarine for underwater excavation, sprout wings when I needed a change of scenery, and then of course, be my on-the-road home anywhere I chose, anywhere in the world. The fact of the matter however is that this lifestyle, besides having yet to be invented (email me if you know otherwise), is just not my reality. As exciting as it seems, I definitely do not lead the adventurous wanderlust lifestyle you see on instagram, with my man, a van, and a perfect pup. But you know what? I've found that I lead just as an adventurous lifestyle right at home. 

Why is it that in order to "experience life" you have to be out enjoying exotic foods and experiencing different cultures in foreign countries? Don't get me wrong, I think experiencing new places, traveling to foreign countries, and participating in another culture's way of life are all wonderful, wholesome experiences. Yet, we should never be so busy trying to experience the world that home becomes foreign. It's so natural to see the beauty that is the world and feel a need to experience it in a powerful way - this is one way God draws us closer to Himself, through the desire to search and explore. But let me propose that one of the most powerful ways we can do this is by purposely embracing where we are and who we are with, everyday. I believe it's right at home with the ones we love where the wildest adventures take place.

I love capturing those with adventurous hearts, those who love deeply and embrace the extraordinary beauty of the  everyday ordinary. Whether it be a hike with your man, a picnic with the family, time together in your first home. These moments are important and form who we become. So let's stop wishing we were somewhere else or feeling like we can't experience life until we have that RV. Life is happening all around us, and everyday we're being impacted and impacting those we meet. So embrace it fully because the experiences you will have there will form you in a way that no trip around the world ever could.

Jenna and Scott, I loved capturing your adventurous hearts! Thank you for always being so generous with your time and involved in the community, and for your very literal sense of adventure being down to hike to the perfect spot for these shots! I hope you know you are an inspiration to those who meet you. May your life be one wild adventure and may God always lead you to the next destination.