Creating Creativity: A Simple May Styled Shoot


There's a common misconception that an artist has to be inspired before creating art. Sure, creativity can hit us at just the right moment and influence a piece, but chances are if you sit around your house waiting for that inspiration to hit you, some of your best work will never be created. Like many things in life, creativity is a decision. It's not always an easy one because every decision we make comes with some amount of risk. And for an artist sometimes that risk can seem bigger in our head than it actually is. If we create something and send it out into the world, how will it be received? Will "they" think it's terrible? Will I ever book another client again if I share this? I only got 2 likes, what does that mean? The questions are endless.

Sometimes it's easy to get trapped in this creative funk, seeing everyone else around you create these amazing masterpieces, wondering if creating anything yourself is even worth it because it will never compare. Yep. Comparison is the constant struggle of the artist. But one that needs to be struggled with. If every artist just gave up after they saw another artist create something beautiful then there wouldn't be enough paintings to fill a gallery, there would only be one movie in your Netflix queue, we'd all be listening to the same song on repeat, and the world would be a whole lot less colourful.

Each of us has something totally unique to share with the world. It sounds a little cheesy but it's true. Whether you're an artist in the strictest sense of the word, or not, you have something totally unique and creative to add to this world. Sure, you might not end up being the next Pablo Picasso, Ansel Adams, or Stephen Spielberg. But that doesn't mean your art won't have a profound impact on those who are waiting for it to be created. 

"The rose in its glory, the lily in its whiteness, don't rob the tiny violet of its sweet smell, or the daisy of its charming simplicity. I saw that if all these lesser blooms wanted to be roses instead, nature would lose the gaiety of her springtide dress - there would be no little flowers to make a pattern over the countryside." St. Therese of Lisieux

This styled shoot came out of this thought process and became something of a little exercise for myself. I'm not about to tell you how glamorous this shoot was. I didn't get to work with a ton of vendors, showcase a stunning new dress, or end up getting published. It was the simplest of the simple. I had the joy of working with two creative and talented friends, put together a bouquet at home, used my own wedding dress, and just went out and shot some beautiful photos. This is one step for me. I love to create. I want to grow as an artist and hopefully touch lives one by one with the art I create but that won't happen unless I make the first move. It starts with the decision. Just go create. Keep creating and you'll be surprised to find just how far that one decision will take you. So here you have it. A simple styled shoot, revealing to me and hopefully to you, the extraordinary beauty that is the artistic expression. Now go create something beautiful, because only you can create it!  


Model: Viva Valdez

Hair and Makeup: Natasha Doran (instagram @ncmdoran - follow her! You won't be sorry.)

Thanks so much ladies for working with me on this!