Whether on purpose or by a happy accident, you've stumbled onto my little corner of the internet. Welcome! My name is Abbey. I'm a photographer and filmmaker with a heart for story. As a film school grad, I have an eye for the cinematic, the romantic, and the overall beautiful and believe the best of these stories come from real people with real lives. There is nothing more unique than your story. And that is worth documenting in an equally unique and beautiful way. My love for story and for life inspires my work as I try to capture the emotion and heart of each person, couple, and family I work with. I'm a firm believer that each person has something unique to share with the world and that is what I want to capture.

Film school is where I met Josh, the guy beside me. He is the Rez part in all of this. We've been married since June of 2017 and besides being the greatest husband and life partner I could have ever imagined, he is now a spectacular business partner and my real motivator. We are two artists trying to capture the extraordinary beauty of the everyday ordinary and embracing each day with passion and joy. We would love to get to know you and to be able to tell your story in all it's extraordinary beauty in a way that makes the movies jealous. Have a look around and if you like what you see, send me a note and let's meet up for coffee. I look forward to meeting you!